Our Philosophy & Mission

Legendary Athletics | CrossFit Langhorne is dedicated to helping all motivated individuals achieve their full potential through challenging, quality athletic movement.


At Legendary Athletics, we believe that:

– The precision and difficulty of true athletic exercise can be a means of achieving not only physical strength and well-being, but also of finding personal growth, self-discovery, and innate power.

– Everyone is capable of being physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger than they were yesterday and that true failure happens only when you stop trying.

– The true realization of one’s value lies not in validation from others, but in overcoming personal limitations.

– Strength is not just about achieving greater physical feats, but also about staring down demons of self-doubt, self-limitation, and fear in the process.

The key to true success in life lies in finding the legend within you.



Your Coach

My name is Filipos and I started my career in health education and coaching as a Nurse. I became a Nurse because I truly wanted to help people.   During my time as a nurse I got to do just that for some people who truly needed the help and wanted it.   However, during my time as a nurse I also encountered a lot of people who not only demanded assistance but they could have and still had the power to change some of the things that were ailing them. I also witnessed a lot of modern age  diseases that could be prevented with proper nutrition and a healthy, well rounded fitness program.

My knowledge of the human body has been essential in my growth as a coach. I truly believe in health over longevity and believe we can all obtain and maintain our peak through proper self-awareness.