Big News!!


News for Legendary AthleticsDSC05596 members:

-Everyone should be proud of all their hard work during this first cycle. Without it, we wouldn't be celebrating so many PR's this week. As a special congratulations from us, we are giving away cash prizes to our athletes who have grown the most. We have prizes for the athlete with the greatest TOTAL gains (sum of PR's) and the athlete with the greatest RELATIVE gains (greatest percentage increase).

-We are adding a 1pm Velocity and a 2pm CrossFit class to our Saturday and Sunday schedules.

-Our 3d/week CF option is now known as the "CrossFit Athlete" option. This option has not changed. A full open gym upgrade costs $15/month.

-Our Unlimited CrossFit membership option (the $150 option) has been expanded. This option is now the Legendary Athlete option and it includes access to all classes, CrossFit and Velocity, and full open gym access*.

-Use open gym to hit lifts you missed during the week!

New for Velocity members:

Moving forward, our Velocity Athlete membership option is $99.99 and includes access to all Velocity classes. A $15/month upgrade may be added to the membership for open gym access.

*Open gym access includes both CrossFit and Warehouse equipment not required for a class.