CrossFit vs. P90X

Circuit training workouts have become one of the most popular forms of exercise. CrossFit was developed in 2000 when founder Greg Glassman started the first CrossFit gym in Seattle, Washington. Since then, CrossFit has grown into a nationwide exercise program, and has had its share of competitors. Similar high-intensity workouts started to emerge throughout the early 2000s. One of the most popular competitors was a set of at-home workout DVDs called P90X.

Below is a closer look at the two exercise regimens and what they mean to those participating.

Both are high intensity workouts. The movements and repetitions are quick with short, minimal intervals of rest. This means your heart rate will remain high and consistent, ultimately allowing you to burn more calories and build muscle.

Neither workout is machine based. There’s no fancy equipment involved in either workout. These workouts focus more on movement and your body’s ability to utilize what you’ve got to work out, rather than utilizing a leg press machine to work your quads. The necessary equipment is provided at a CrossFit gym, and you are instructed on how to use it safely, properly, and effectively.

CrossFit is here, P90X is there. CrossFit requires you to come to a gym and experience hands-on training, with a dedicated trainer guiding you through the process. There are specified warm-ups and movements involved in a daily workout (W.O.D.), and the exercises are done in an open group setting. P90X is an at-home, DIY workout. You have to motivate yourself to start and complete a workout, and run the risk of becoming distracted by household duties and family.

CrossFit can get competitive (in a good way). A workout requires push. CrossFit provides a supportive, group atmosphere, whereas with P90X, you are on your own. Working out in a group can also provide friendly competition, and can give you the extra push you need to complete your workout. You are more likely to stay motivated and complete your workouts when you workout in a group setting and are aware that other people are watching.

CrossFit starts with the basics. While both workouts are considered to be on an intense level, CrossFit varies from P90X in that movements are taught at a gradual pace. These movements are altered, if necessary, according to personal ability. A huge focus of CrossFit workouts is form, and is a major part of having a personal trainer as a guide throughout a workout. If your form is incorrect, then you may not be getting the most out of the motions you are doing.