Gaming Standards of Movements

Gaming Standards of Movement

New Years is just around the corner, and that means that people are beginning to consider the status of their fitness. Legendary Athletics athletes are starting to think about the CrossFit games, which occur every spring. Read on to discover more about the games, as well as information about the games standards of movement and why we try to avoid these types of movement in our gym.

What are the CrossFit Games?

Each summer, hundreds of CrossFit Athletes compete in the CrossFit Games.  Athletes can choose to participate individually, as a team, or compete for an overall title in the master’s competition. First place cash prizes are awarded to the fittest male and female, along with the title “Fittest on Earth.” The games are comprised of a number of functional movements, including the ability to move large loads across long distances, and doing so quickly.

Movements in the Games

The CrossFit Games are all about being good at everything, and pushing your body to its maximum limits. The standards of movement used to judge athletes competing in the games are very general compared to the standards of movements used at Legendary Athletics. Each motion and weight used in the games is specifically defined, and carefully judged and critiqued.

Movements at Legendary Athletics

Unlike the movements in the games that are designed to test, the movements used at CrossFit Langhorne are designed to train the body. Some of the movements used in the games that we do not use in our gym include:

  • Kipping Ring Dips
    Kipping Handstand Push Ups
    Kipping Pull Ups

We avoid using these types of moves in our gym because they are designed to push fitness limits. Instead, through a number of quality athletic movements like box jumps and dead-lifts, our athletes are able to achieve a more athletic body, as well as mental and physical strength. In this way, athletes are able to overcome much more than in the CrossFit games.

By training the body instead of pushing it to its physical limit, Legendary Athletics athletes are able to build physical, mental, and spiritual strength.