Coaches of CrossFit

Dave Saunders

dave and his child the sandbag







My background in fitness ranges from playing multiple competitive sports including football, wrestling, powerlifting, CrossFit etc. I have also given a great deal of focus to overall GPP (General Physical Preparedness) training, ranging from extensive training in powerlifting, “Olympic” weightlifting, calisthenics, kettlebell training, sandbag/odd object etc. I began my journey in CrossFit back in 2012 and fell in love with the unique aspects that CrossFit has to offer to the athlete. After I got my CF-L1 Certification, I decided to focus on the virtuosity of movement (performing common tasks uncommonly well) as it applies to CrossFit as well as other aspects of fitness. I have always made it a point in my life not only to strive to be as “fit” as possible, but also to realize the “why?” behind the exercises and the programming I was doing. Whether you are looking for longevity and a better, more health centered lifestyle, or if you are an advanced athlete who is looking to improve overall performance, Legendary Athletics CrossFit Langhorne will get you there. Besides CrossFit, I am currently in graduate school working towards an MBA, as well as a BS in Bible from Cairn University.

Kyle Preston

Kyle Preston






I grew up participating in all kinds of sports. I was a swimmer; I played soccer, basketball, and tennis, but I spent the most time playing ice hockey. I played ice hockey exclusively through high school at Holy Ghost Prep (2006 LBCSHL Champs forever!) In college I kept myself fit on my own and played the occasional intramural soccer or football season. My relationship with CrossFit started during graduate school. I took WODs from the CF main page, checked YouTube if I didn’t know what a movement was, and then did the workout with a buddy from school. Eventually, I joined Fearless Athletics (CF South Philly) where my form and technique improved thanks to their coaching. The coaches at Fearless inspired me to get my Level-1 Certification, and my gym skills and knowledge have been growing ever since. Oh! I also played some rugby in grad school- great experience! You can learn a lot on the pitch.

I majored in kinesiology while at Penn State where I liked my exercise physiology classes enough that I volunteered in an exercise physiology lab. The lab experience was so positive that I continued my research career at Temple University’s School of Medicine. In 2015, I earned my PhD in cellular physiology as a member of Temple’s Cardiovascular Research Center. My thesis explored the relationships between macronutrients, inflammation, and metabolic diseases like insulin resistance. Ask me about it sometime around the gym!

Nick Horn








Nick was first introduced to Crossfit as an athlete at Neshaminy High School. It was after his first WOD that he found his passion for the sport of fitness. The combination of skills, mindset and determination is what made him instantly drawn to Crossfit.  Nick became a Level 1 Certificate holder while training at Legendary Athletics.  In the fall of 2014 Nick will be transferring to Temple University where he will major in Athletic Training. This career will allow Nick to further utilize his passion for fitness.  Along with Legendary Athletics, Nick can help you surpass your personal fitness goals and achieve the skills needed to push yourself further then you ever imagined.

Jordann “JD” Smith








JD is originally from the Philadelphia area and attended Abington High School where he played football and ran track. His dual sport participation continued at Mansfield University where he played cornerback, and ran sprints. JD has multiple years of high school coaching experience in both football and track. In 2012 JD obtained his CrossFit Level – 1 certification and was given the opportunity to become the first coach at 13 Stripes CrossFit under head coach/owner Jeremy Priar. JD spent three years at 13 Stripes CrossFit before moving back to the area with his wife Krista and son Mack. Eager to continue growing as a coach and athlete in the sport of fitness, JD volunteered as a judge at the 2014 CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regional competition. He also has obtained his Mobility certification to compliment his CF-L1 certification, and has plans to obtain a USAW certification in the future. Outside of CrossFit, JD is a high school business and technology teacher at Commonwealth Connections Academy, an online cyber public school.  JD is always seeking to bring out the best in members both physically and personally, and will continue to help you reach your goals no matter what!