CrossFit Programs

As the home of CrossFit Langhorne, we’ve dedicated ourselves to constant improvement and we’ve developed a well-rounded program that does a good deal of dedicated strength, basic gymnastics, Olympic lifting and kettle bell work in addition to a CrossFit workout of the day (WOD). At Legendary Athletics we believe strongly that all movement is not created equal and are committed not only to working out with high intensity, but also with executing high quality movements. To see our CrossFit workouts and our Legendary members in action, check out the Legendary Athletics blog now.

In the CrossFit program at Legendary Athletics you will work to build proficiency in all 10 general physical skills: strength, speed, endurance, stamina, power, flexibility, coordination, accuracy, agility and balance. In doing so, you’ll practice a variety of challenging athletic movements such as Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, basic gymnastics strength training, running, rowing, kettle bell training, medicine ball work, and more.

We are beginning to offer new classes at our facility:



At Legendary Athletics we want to help you find the program that is the best fit for you, and to ensure you’ve received a solid foundation that you can confidently build upon when you start working out in our trainer-led group classes.

With those two goals in mind, all new members are required to successfully complete our On-Ramp sessions or go through a personal Assessment before enrolling in one of our group programs.

To learn more about our On-Ramp introductory programs and Assessments call us at 215-436-0716 or go to our Membership Page. Our On-Ramp sessions tend to fill up quickly so if you’re interested reserve your spot today.