Cycle 1 with Coach Kyle: Intro

Hello Legendary Athletes!

You may have noticed our CrossFit programming has changed a bit recently. Don’t worry, the old programming was, and still is, great CrossFit programming! When I started here in November, one of the first things I noticed and appreciated about the Legendary Athletics’ programming was the focus on Olympic lifting. You’ve all been doing great work and the great work is going to continue.

It’s true- our new programming is a bit of a departure from standard CrossFit programming. This new system places a greater emphasis on building strength – our lifting schedule is consistent and progressive. We are spending more time than ever under tension and we are hammering both concentric and eccentric (alright negatives!) contractions. By exercising greater control over our bodies and barbells, our form is going to improve. The new programming also features dedicated time for mobility, something we can all benefit from.

I’m excited to see how we respond to these new workouts. In fact, I’m so optimistic that I am joining you guys during this cycle.

I have a confession to make, though… I missed the first week! I spent the first week of our six week cycle (that’s workouts 1-1, 1-2…1-7) testing my maxes and being a little lazy. Now I’ve got a good handle on just how strong/weak I am so at the end of the cycle I can check my progress. Also, I did Fran… more on that later. The point is, I am jumping in a little late so if you are stressing out about missing some of the cycle, chill! Even the coaches (read: 1 coach, me) don’t get it right all the time.

Let’s talk about rules (woohoo!). I will be working out Monday-Friday, five days per week. I try to get into bed between 10-11pm (usually with some time spent reading or building up my fortifications in Clash of Clans) and I get out of bed by 7am at the latest. I don’t take any supplements or pre-workout but I do drink whey protein in whole milk after every work out. I eat a lot of food collected from the perimeter of grocery stores but I try to condense all my calorie consumption into an 8-10 hour window.

What are my expectations? I think we are going to feel and look better at the end of this cycle. The biggest challenge with this new programming will be discipline. We are used to feeling EXHAUSTED after workouts; these workouts are designed for much faster recovery. In other words, we won’t feel quite as burnt out after WODs. Resist the urge to do more than is programmed! Be patient; be dedicated; be consistent.

See you in the gym!

-Coach Kyle