Alex: Hi everyone, for this week’s Buzz in Bucks, I put on my sneakers and came on down to Legendary Athletics, which is the home of CrossFit Langhorne.
Whether you’re new to the workout scene or you’re looking for something a bit more challenging to throw into your daily workout routine, this is the perfect place to come to get motivated, get energized and, most importantly, get fit.

Filipos: When you walk into our gym, you will see a workout done on the board for our most intense athlete, right? We program for the person that walks through the door, they should be able to do everything that’s on that board and do it well. However, with that being said that’s why our trainers
are here, we’re here to help you kind of find a place where you’re able to do all these functional movements at an intensity that’s appropriate for you.
So, my grandmother could walk through the doors and do a version of a jumping air squat, she could do a version of the ring ropes, she could do a version of the wall ball, and still get a very intense workout that is appropriate for her skill level, her age, her weight set and her activity level.

Alex: This underground workout, which started in basements and garages, has gained much notoriety over the past few years. With little to no breaks in between reps, you can imagine the results.

Filipos: CrossFit at its core is all functional movements – it’s sitting, standing, pushing, pulling, rowing, running, done continuously varied, and that’s my job to vary that for you and program that for you. It’s done at high intensities which is per the individual.

Alex: When I came in here, I was ready for a workout you know, sweat a little. I’m dying, but I have to say that you can do more in these ten minutes than you will in an hour workout at a gym. I’m serious about that, I go to the gym and I’m telling you.
CrossFit Langhorne is open seven days a week, and to learn more about them go to And for beginners, have no fear, those just starting out can take their CrossFit discovery class and then move to their on-ramp program. Both test your skill level and introduce you to this high powered workout in a safe manner. Over time you build more stamina and
get stronger which means if you stick with it, those six pack abs and buns of steel will be ready to flaunt in no time.

Filipos: Three, two, one, time.

Alex: I just finished doing CrossFit for the first time and I must say it is a challenge, I will not deny that. But, it is a challenge worth taking on and if you’re ready to step up to the plate and try it, what are
you waiting for. Thanks everyone for tuning into this week’s Buzz in Bucks
I’m Alex Finnie.