Proper Gym Attire

Showing up to the gym in the right gear allows you to get the best workout possible, and maintains a positive overall environment. Wearing too much or too little can be detrimental to yourself and others working out around you. Discover what attire works best in a gym setting, and what should never be worn around a workout circuit.

Tops:  Moisture-whisking tanks and t-shirts work best for intense workouts. Avoid wearing layers or work attire, as these types of tops can restrict your movement or cause you to overheat. During the winter months, wearing long sleeves is acceptable, just make sure the material is workout appropriate. It is also recommended that a light jacket or hoodie be worn over your workout gear so your muscles don’t tense up before a workout.

Bottoms:  Some people prefer to wear shorts; some people prefer to wear long pants. It really comes down to personal preference. If you go the short route, wear shorts that are made of comfortable, breathable fabric. Just make sure your shorts aren’t too short, and won’t ride up (or down) during the course of your workout. Under no circumstances should jeans be worn in a workout setting. Jean fabric is not forgiving, and won’t move with you during your workout. If you’re into wearing long pants, opt for sweat pants that are comfortable, but not so baggy that they get in your way during your workout motions.

Underwear:  Avoid wearing cotton underwear to the gym. Wear moisture-whisking underwear that will help keep you dry and comfortable. When it comes to ladies undergarments, it’s best to wear sports bras. Unlike regular bras, sports bras keep everything in place while you’re working out. Ladies, avoid wearing thongs to the gym. They can cause extreme discomfort, or embarrassment if your bottoms come down.

Shoes:  Sneakers should be the only shoes worn in a gym. From running sneakers to custom fit shoes, it’s important to wear shoes with rubble soles in the gym. The rubber help absorb any shock that may occur throughout a workout, while the fabric of the sneaker protects the rest of your feet from injury.

Accessories:  It is a good idea to remove any kind of jewelry prior to working out. The only accessories that might be necessary in the gym are things like hair ties, headbands, towels, and water bottles. If you are tracking your workouts, a smart phone or notepad might be necessary. Other than that, keep your belongings in a locker or your car during your time at the gym.

Be ready for your next high intensity workout with these gym clothing tips.