We can tell you about our cutting edge athletic program all day long.  We truly believe that Legendary Athletics can help you achieve the level of fitness that you are looking for.  However, we feel that our awesome Athletes say it better.


GinaGina: Legendary Athletics Crossfit Langhore is by far the BEST box in town!

If you are looking for an amazing gym that offers programs like Velocity Bootcamp, Powerlifting, Mobility WODs etc that other gyms in the area do not offer, Legendary Athletics Crossfit Langhorne is the place to be! This is not just a crossfit gym!

If you are looking for top-notch experienced and intelligible staff who provide immediate and corrective feedback, who encourage, motivate, and support you both inside and outside of the gym, this is the box for you!

If you are looking to meet amazing people to help keep you motivated and wanting to come back each day, THIS IS IT!!

I dropped in on my winter break from college and could have not had a better experience! The owners, staff, and members are all enthusiastically welcoming and eager to help you get into the routine. As a drop-in member, I thought it would take me some time to warm up to everyone, but instead I feel so welcomed, wanted, and happy to have quickly become a part of such a close knit family! Owner Flip has coached me, provided me with feedback, corrected my form, and has given me endless tips to improve my performance. He truly cares about his members and always has their best interest at heart. The atmosphere is a family friendly comfortable, safe place to workout whether you are just starting or have been doing it for years!

I would recommend Legendary Athletics Crossfit Langhorne to ANYONE that I know! Dropping in on my break was one of the best decisions I could have made! I can’t wait to return in the summer!

Check her out here!    originalmotivation.blogspot.com

AhloraAhlora: I’ve played sports all of my life up until college…and then came the 3am corner store Chinese binges mixed with a whole lot of bad fast food choices…and can’t forget the free student gym membership that I hardly ever used…and Vuala!  Hello 15 extra lbs…thank you college!

After college I got into a healthier routine with work and I was determined to get my sexy back.  Of course I tried the local gym membership, and although it was cheap I found that there was no motivation and a lot of fartin around.  I knew what I needed was a team atmosphere.  My mom knew I was looking for something to push me so she informed me about a new CrossFit gym that had opened up in our neighborhood.

At that point I knew very little to nothing about CrossFit, so I called up Legendary Athletics and Filipos Halikias was super enthusiastic about getting in there.  It started with an On-Ramp class: 2 weeks-3 nights a week-for an hour.  This On-Ramp class was so helpful in transitioning me into the CrossFit world. For anyone that is intimidated by the CrossFit name, have no fear, this class will show you that anything is possible even for the biggest non-believers.  It was in this class that I got that “team atmosphere” feeling back, something I hadn’t experienced since my high school athletics days.

The two week On Ramp class came to an end and I was eager to become a part of the Legendary Athletics family.  I say family because that is exactly what you will become!  A group of people who all the share the same common goals and are serious about reaching them.  Filipos is an amazing coach who makes you feel at home from day one and pushes you to reach levels of potential that you’ve never known you had.

One huge PLUS that I’ve discovered over time with this box is that it’s realistic!  I can’t tell you how many friends or associates I’ve talked to that won’t even consider CrossFit because they think it’s too intense for them.  Where does that come from?

Well, for starters you have these kick ass CrossFit games being televised and yea I admit that looks intimidating for someone who isn’t a fitness fiend, but just listen.  I have a friend who is now a member of a CrossFit box in the city and her process was way different from mine.  Her box is highly competitive and intense, luckily for her she was an athlete all of her life so the transition was easy.  But what about everyone else?  What about the people that have zero experience in weight lifting?  Stepping into a box like the one my friend goes to would be damn near suicide in terms of motivating yourself to join the CrossFit world.  The reality of the situation is that everyone did not spend all of their life becoming the best athlete that they can be…life happens…and if you had it before it’s possible to lose it.  You have to start from somewhere that is realistic to your own individual level of fitness.

No one at Legendary Athletics will make you feel silly for not being able to lift heavy weight right away.  This box will help you to focus more on proper form and once you have that you will most definitely move up in weight.  It’s about pushing YOUR body to YOUR OWN physical max…not your neighbors and that’s why I love Legendary Athletics. Don’t get me wrong, this box is still competitive but it’s safe competitive.

Legendary Athletics offers classes throughout the day 7 DAYS A WEEK! This way any schedule can make time to come in and work! It’s pricier than your average local gym membership but you’re getting individual attention in a group setting that is guaranteed to push you to YOUR potential = actual results!  You can’t get that in LA fitness!

ANYBODY can change the way they look, feel and perform on a daily basis with CrossFit!  Doesn’t matter what size or age you’re bearing, it can be done!  Get it done with Legendary Athletics!

AllenAllen: I have the problem of hating to work out alone, and even lifting in general gets old and stagnate after awhile.  I tried the DVDs you see on TV Saturday morning and now they are just sitting off the the side collecting dust.  Joining Legendary Athletics CrossFit Langhorne has changed me and challenged me for the better.  Its not like some spin class you go to, or zumba where you do the do the same exercise every week. Each and ever day is different and that brings excitement if you get bored easily with your workouts like myself.  The personal training has been great, even when I’m hurt, they know not to push me to the point where I’m breaking down and interfering with my job.  Another great thing is the other members, Its not like a normal gym, or other CrossFit boxes where people separate from one another and form groups.  Everyone is friendly and always willing to talk before class starts.  We have cook outs and other get together that make it more then just a gym. I know allot of people complain saying I don’t have time or I work odd hours.  I work overnights, I get done and at Legendary by 9am, the classes are an hour long and different times of the day, so there are no excuses not to go and try out.  Honestly this place has been the greatest thing for me and you will see results, be it weight loss, muscle gain, toning or just general overall fitness for all ages.  With having children classes, the workout themselves can be changed to fit any physical level for any person willing to try.

JenniferJennifer: “Three months from now you’ll thank yourself,” is a line that gets thrown around motivational fitness sites a lot. After 3 months at Legendary Athletics, I am definitely thankful I checked it out in late August and signed up for the OnRamp program. One of the first things my friends noticed was that my posture improved.  Not only did my shoulder muscles get stronger, but my mentality and confidence took a huge positive shift. Legendary Athletics has a rule that has changed my day-to-day thought processes: the word “can’t” is not allowed to be said within the box. I’ve found that I no longer say it regular conversation. The community that Legendary Athletics has within its box is full of the most supportive and heartwarming people in the area. There has never been a time where I’ve felt intimidated or less-than while working out. Form and safety is focused on daily by all the trainers. With crossfit, yoga, and powerlifting being offered, I’ve seen huge changes in my body composition just from 3 months of attending regular classes. I can do a push up. That’s a sentence that I didn’t think I’d ever say. Check out Legendary Athletics Crossfit Langhorne: become legendary.


WadeWade: Whether you are new to the world of exercise or you’re an active individual looking to ramp up your fitness regimen, Legendary is the place to be!
Before joining up, I thought I was in reasonably good shape; even so, every single class brings new challenges that I couldn’t have imagined overcoming a few months ago.  The instructors are the most knowledgeable trainers I have come across, constantly helping us to break through our limitations while setting new goals to strive toward.  I couldn’t be happier with the invaluable services provided at Legendary.

Plus, they have two super-cute dogs :)


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