Velocity Kick Boxing

The Velocity KickBoxing Program at Legendary Athletics has an emphasis on cardiovascular endurance and muscular stamina. It is fast paced and consists of interval and circuit training that has you moving quickly for most of the session. We pair common KickBoxing with running, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and many bodyweight exercises to achieve greater levels of fitness and keep workouts original and challenging.  Legendary Athletics’ Velocity KickBoxing offers serious functional workouts that are accessible to everyone who is able to exercise.


After the initial warm-up, the focus of the Velocity KickBoxing session is on conditioning workouts that use a time element to keep the intensity and heart rate up throughout the entire training session. These are often shorter intervals with brief rest, but can also consist of one longer unbroken workout. There are often many exercises in a workout and participants sometimes work in teams to complete them.

Our Velocity KickBoxing training session will take you through a routine of workouts that will increase your strength and stamina, boost your energy and help you tone your body, all while trimming fat and increasing your metabolism. Our Velocity KickBoxing workouts are personally scaled and cater to your body’s needs.

Legendary Athletics’ Velocity KickBoxing workouts are accessible, fun, engaging and challenging. We built this program through years of experience with KickBoxing endurance-based fitness programs for people of all abilities. Our experienced certified trainers will show you the movements (and help you get better at them as you go), help you find an appropriate scaling, and lead you through conditioning workouts designed to challenge and strengthen you. To see our Legendary members in action and to get an idea of some of our daily workouts (aka WODs), check out our Legendary Athletics Blog.