Cycle 1 with Coach Kyle: Week 2 Reaction

Alright! I’ve completed a full week of the training and I’m starting to form some thoughts about the programming. Here’s three.


1- I don’t feel like I’ve been run over by a steamroller! Five consecutive days of the new programming is not excessive, at least not for me. Did I feel more fatigued as the week went on? Yeah, but I never felt like I was too sore to get a great workout in. Not once did I think, “Maybe I shouldn’t workout today.” If anything…


2- Staying disciplined is the hardest part of the new programming (so far). A couple of times, class ended and I thought, “I still feel good… maybe I should do another WOD or go for a long run. 200bicepcurlsfortimeGOOOO!” BAD IDEA!! After years of standard CrossFit WODs, I am conditioned to think needing 10-15 minutes to catch my breath and 2-3 days to recover is the only way to be sure I worked hard. Look, I like doing WODs that crush me like that from time to time. But! I will gain strength faster by scaling back the reps and working more consistently, which is exactly what this programming facilitates.


3- Who knew being so negative (one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand…) could be so positive!? Do 3 pushups. Wait a minute. Now do 3 more pushups but cut your speed to the floor in half. Feel the difference? By lifting with the slower tempo, we are addressing strength deficits that we didn’t realize we had. This isn’t about eccentric contractions VS concentric contractions; it is about eccentric contractions AND concentric contractions, together at last. I’ll talk too much about this in an upcoming blog post.


More thoughts next week.


Like you guys, I’m trying to figure out the new programming and how to get the most out of it (that’s the point of this blog series…) Here are all my Week 2 results plus one comment per day:


M- Squat: 5 reps at 225, Pull ups: 4 reps at 20 pounds, Metcon: 11m AMRAP 200m run 10 k2c 10 rounds

I should have gone heavier on the squats.


T- Seated box squats: 42in, Metcon: 6 rounds 10SDHP (95lbs), 20 DUs, 15 burpees, 14:57

The burpees were brutal and my booty was pretty sore on Wednesday so I must have been doing my SDHPs correctly, woohoo.


W- Strict press: 3×5 (95lbs), Cleans 135, 155, Metcon: 11min AMRAP 50m farmers carry 400m run, 4 rounds + 2 farmers carries (70lb KBs)

I wimped out and used the KBs on my farmer’s carry UNlike local Legend Keith O’Malley who freakin’ brought it and used two 75lb barbells.


R- Hollow rocks/transitions/skin the cat; 3 sprint sets 20 thrusters, 10 hollow rocks 5 burpees, 75lb thruster 1:18 1:17 1:15

I can’t do cartwheels :(


F- Deadlift: 1×5 315, snatch weight 95lbs, 16.1 156 reps

Real, actual thoughts on Friday: “Boy, those deadlifts and snatches weren’t too bad. Let’s see what moderately hard Metcon was written for today…. Oh yeah, the Open started. Welp. Dangit.”



If my Week 3 reaction isn’t up on Sunday night you can all give me burpees on Monday.

-Coach Kyle