Cycle 1 with Coach Kyle: Week 3 Reaction

Hello Legendary Athletes!

We are halfway through this first 6-week cycle and I’m still responding well to the Monday-Friday regimen. Just like last week’s post, here’s a couple of thoughts, my scores, and some comments.

1- I mentioned in my Introductory post that the amount of Olympic lifting in the older programming was great- lots and lots of practice. One concern I had about this new style was that we would lose some of our emphasis on Oly lifting. After two weeks on this regimen, I’m satisfied with the amount of Oly work we are getting in. The lighter weight EMOMs on Wednesdays and Fridays are really helping my form. By taking more time between reps, I have more time to think about my form and tinker with a PVC pipe. Doing a 3×5 snatch set is helpful but, honestly, my form isn’t that good! I don’t nail my reps every time. I’m a more focused lifter during our dedicated Oly time.

2- I thought about adding in some of my own accessory work to supplement the programming. For example, I haven’t bench pressed in about three weeks so maybe I would do some after class. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I’m staying dedicated to this entire cycle (not doing any significant supplemental work) to learn what happens to the lifts we are NOT including. Will my bench press drop significantly after several weeks of no benching? I don’t know. Personally, I doubt it. But, we are trying to give you guys the best training we can and we need to study our training without me muddying the water by doing accessory work. Eliminate confounding variables!


M- HBBS: 3 reps at 275, Pull ups: 4×4 at 15lbs, 4 C2B 5 Power Snatches 400m run 1:56 1:48 1:43

Disappointed I missed that last squat rep and should have pushed harder on my first sprint set (a thirteen second split between first and last sets!!).

T- Seated box jump 42in, Bear Complex: 33 reps

Got to do this one outside in the sun with the noon class. It felt like beach season out there!

W- Strict press: 105lbs F at 115lbs, Clean: 155lbs Sprints/HSPU (failed 4th set, switched to DBs)

Confession: This was the first time I ever did a bunch of HSPUs in a WOD. Feels good! I got heavy though…

R- GHD sit-ups, 21-15-9 pullups, thrusters, and 100m jog: 1 round + 49 reps (75lb thruster)

The 100m jog was the perfect way to break up this gentle Fran. I’m learning my “don’t burn yourself out” pace by doing these 85% effort WODs.

F- Deadlift: 335lbs, Snatch: 95lbs, 87 reps on 16.2 (Rx)

It was me who ripped the pullup bar off the support beam. There I said it. I might take a second crack at 16.2 when my pride recovers. Toes-to-bar are dumb anyway…


Questions? Comments? Complaints? Let me know.

-Coach Kyle