Cycle 1 with Coach Kyle: Week 5 Reaction

Welcome to my Week 5 reaction post! The format this week is a little different than it was in past posts. Our talking point of the week is “listen to your body!” but before getting into that, let’s look at my performance.

M- HBBS 225, 275, 275, 295, F315; Pullups +25 35 45 55 60; Metcon 7+15; 2nd attempt at 16.3 75 reps
I didn’t feel very well on Monday but I was excited by my progress the previous week so I pushed pretty hard. Not only did I do the daily programming, I also took a second crack at 16.3 and actually scored a full round higher. Woohoo!
T-F I didn’t work out! We’ll talk about why in a minute.
Sat- 16.4 165 reps with a tiebreak time of 12:30
I did 5 sets of 11 reps for my deadlifts, which was dumb, and my wall balls, which wasn’t so bad. No matter how hard I pulled during the row, I couldn’t generate any power. If I had another 30s I might have gotten a HSPU but I doubt I could have gotten more than one.
Alright, like I said, listen to your body. I didn’t and it got me into trouble.
When I get exhausted, my body simply shuts down. That doesn’t mean one or two bad night’s sleep is enough to make me sick- I’m talking about at least 4 high activity days tripled with minimal sleep and an unhealthy helping of stress. That perfect storm seems to become self aware and mature into a nasty sinus infection.
Monday morning I woke up, could feel the exhaustion creeping in (that’s a part of this- it comes on slowly and can usually be extinguished by getting into bed before 10pm just once!) and I pushed myself anyway. Surprise surprise- I ended up sick enough that I felt crappy for the rest of the week and spent the week before Test Week just trying to (literally) clear my head. Gross. I bet if I had just lifted on Monday, or even omitted 16.3, I would have missed less time in the gym.
Normally, I try to show you guys the correct way to do things around the gym. Do yourself a favor and learn an important lesson from me doing something wrong in the gym! Everyone has days in the gym where they “aren’t feeling it” or “something is off.” Be smart. Listen to your body.