Cycle 1 with Coach Kyle: Week 6 Reaction

There’s no doubt about it: test week is the best week. In case you missed it, Week 6, the final week of our strength cycle, was an opportunity for all of our legendary athletes to test their maximum efforts on the different lifts and other movements we have been working on the for the past month or so. We also did some standard benchmark workouts like Fran and the 2k row to establish our general fitness levels. Let’s look at some of my results from the week.


High Bar Back Squat (HBBS) – 20lb personal record (PR)- 315lbs

I’ve squatted over 315lbs in the past but I was low-bar back squatting. My core strength is definitely improving because of the HBBS!


Weighted Pull Up- 20lbs PR- 90lbs strapped to the belt

I did not test my 1RM weighted pull up before starting the cycle but I know I’ve never done a pull up with more than 70lbs on my belt.


Strict Press- 5lb PR- 140lbs

Strict press PR’s are typically small. My 5lb PR fits that description.


Power Clean- 205lbs

I was unhappy with my power clean. I felt sluggish at every attempt. Getting sick the week before testing and not practicing my form regularly really hurt me here. Practice practice practice!


Deadlift- 385lbs

Wasn’t thrilled with this lift either. The 385lb lift was higher than my deadlift was earlier in the month but it was not a PR.


Power Snatch- 20lb PR- 155lbs

This was a hard fought PR. No, it’s not super heavy. I’m finally comfortable enough to start lifting heavy on the snatch but my form suffered the last couple weeks. I skipped snatching in Week 5 when I was sick and in Week 4 because I lost focus and put too much energy into the CF Open. Stupid!


Fran- 58s PR- 5:53

I did Fran right before starting this Cycle and hit 6:51. That was a big PR for me then and I really thought I might pass out when I finished. It took nearly 30min for my heart rate to come back to its resting pace (that’s embarrassing!) I did not feel nearly as exhausted and I recovered much faster when I hit 5:53. Next goal is to get under 5:00!


So, there you go, those are my results. I think I felt stronger in Week 4 than Week 6 but I managed to make progress during test week anyway. The first lesson here is to not overdo your workouts when you aren’t feeling well- I already described the importance of listening to your body in my Week 5 reaction. Second, stay focused on your work! There were a few times, especially on Fridays, where I got caught up in the excitement of the Open and my lifts suffered for it.


Keep an eye out for my Cycle 1 Roundup where we’ll take a more general look at the new programming and examine how some of our members responded to it!


Keep pushing,

Coach Kyle